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 June 15-July 10
                PUBLIC SPEAKING
Entering Grades 6 and 7; Entering Grades 8 and 9 (Offered for two age groups in separate classes) Students will learn the skills and techniques required for effective public speaking, including communication skills, eye contact, voice projection, body contact and listening, as well as self-evaluation techniques. Students will practice presenting various types of speeches in front of an audience. Development of self-confidence and poise will be an integral part of this class. The eighth- and ninth-grade class will encounter more mature topics
and more frequent critiques than the sixth- and seventh- grade class.
Entering Grades 6-9 – Students will improve their basketball skills and develop their appreciation of this exciting, fast-paced sport. Through a variety of drills and games, students will learn and practice the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting. Teamwork, self- confidence and sportsmanship will be stressed on a daily basis. Accommodations will be made for all skill levels. This is a co-ed class that is held indoors. Rubber-soled athletic shoes are required.
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Entering Grades 6-9 – This class is a pressure-free introduction for students who are new to the game of chess. Students will gain confidence as they learn how the pieces move and other chess rules and concepts – including check, checkmate and draws. Students will also develop decision-making skills as they discover there is usually a good, better, and best move in every situation. Finally, students will be introduced to openings and defenses, emphasizing what each piece is trying to do at the start of the game. The instructor is an expert who specializes in teaching chess to middle school students.
Entering Grades 6-9 – This class is designed for students who have played chess and are comfortable with the rules of the game. The course will use chess to help students sharpen their creative problem-solving skills. Instructors will introduce students to openings and variations that help them understand their best potential moves and their potential weaknesses on the board.
The class will also focus on sharpening problem-
solving skills, by learning to see and force traps, and
on developing pattern recognition with advanced checkmate puzzles. In each class session, students will apply what they learned in a game with their classmates.

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