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               INTRODUCTION TO COLLEGE ENGINEERING Entering Grades 9-12 – This course introduces high school students to the basics of several engineering disciplines. Students will learn about careers and general principles in disciplines ranging from aerospace and biomedical engineering to computer, industrial, mechanical, chemical, civil and materials science engineering. Using a combination of creative and analytical approaches, the course will challenge students to think about processes that yield products and services that are sustainable and ethically designed to improve living conditions. Students will also be introduced to 3D design modeling as well as principles of storing and analyzing data.
JAVA PROGRAMMING – BEGINNING LEVEL Entering Grades 9-12 – This is an introduction to computer programming with the Java language, using object-oriented programming principles. Students will learn about Java primitive and non-primitive data types, control flow constructs, built-in class libraries, and object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, objects, method overloading and encapsulation. Typical assignments will cover built-in and programmer-defined classes, basic input and output operations, and solving programming problems.
JAVA PROGRAMMING – INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Entering Grades 9-12 – This class is for students who have basic Java programming skills and want to start building real-world applications. Java provides a vast set of tools that can be used for games and websites. This class will include object-oriented programming and some of the advanced tools that are commonly used
on Java development projects – including inheritance and abstraction, interfaces, nested classes, regular expressions, collections, dates and I/O.
(3 hours)
Entering Grades 9-12 – This course will give students real-world experience in modern industrial design
and production, while introducing them to the key processes of design, manufacturing, programming and fabrication. Students will participate in demonstrations and hands-on projects that involve measurement tools, blueprint reading, computer numerical control (CNC) machine set-up and processes, CNC machine programming (lathe and mill), CAD/CAM and more. This course is offered in partnership with the De Anza College Design and Manufacturing Technologies Department.
Entering Grades 9-12 – This course will tap into students’ creativity as they learn to develop an idea into a useful product, through the process of “design thinking.” The class will cover concepts in circuitry, marketing and technology, team building and research. Students will apply their knowledge to create sustainable toys that move and light up, and build eco- friendly products with reduced environmental impacts. Projects will include innovations for cars, 3D-printed products, infographics and learning to present products in a business setting. This course is offered in partnership with the Krause Center for Innovation.
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 July 13-31

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