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 July 13-31
ESSENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICS PRINCIPLES Entering Grades 10-12 – This course will help students prepare for high school physics. The instructor will emphasize conceptual understanding in describing natural phenomena, while introducing the use of mathematical reasoning in the central concepts of physics. The class will cover basic mechanics, including the properties of matter, motion, forces and energy. Students will examine basic physical laws as they apply to everyday physical phenomena. Students will use verbal logic, critical thinking and some mathematics in this course.
Entering Grades 9-12 – Students in this class will learn how astronomers apply tools and concepts from science, math and technology to investigate the universe. Students will measure the brightness, color, temperature, composition, size and distance of objects like stars, galaxies, planets, and moons. Students will make these measurements relying
on real data from a variety of telescopes. Students will use image processing software to display and
explore real astronomical images in the same way that professional astronomers do, modeling the kinds of processes and discoveries that truly advance science. Students will use a remote telescope to capture changes in a star’s brightness to determine whether the star has an exoplanet orbiting it and, if so, the planet’s size and distance from the parent star. Sessions are conducted in the classroom and
De Anza College Planetarium. Students should have taken a high school algebra class, and have some familiarity with geometric and trigonometric principles prior to enrolling in the course.
Entering Grades 9-12 – This class is designed to foster creativity while exploring physics. Students will learn fundamental principles that are foundational to high school physics, in a framework that promotes critical thinking, open-ended discussion and solution-oriented investigation. This highly interactive, hands-on class is perfect for students who are curious about how and why things work.
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