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Entering Grades 9-12 – This introductory astronomy course will introduce the physical principles, logic and development of stellar astronomy from ancient times to the present, with emphasis on recent developments. Students will examine the relationship of earth to its deep-space environment and contrast the sun with other types of stars. The class will also cover earth and sky relationships, explore the solar system and study theories of its origin as well as properties of other stars’ planetary systems. This course is held in the De Anza College Planetarium, providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and unique learning tools.
Entering Grades 9-12 – What are your rights under the U.S. Constitution? Where do they come from and how has our understanding of them evolved over time? Students will confront these questions with the help of academic experts and guest speakers from civil liberties groups. This course will also provide hands- on experience as students conduct research using the library and archives of the California History Center at De Anza College. Students will improve their critical thinking, public speaking, familiarity with writing and research methods, and collaborative work skills.
They will also be introduced to the field of museum studies. This course is offered in partnership with the California History Center’s Audrey Edna Butcher Civil Liberties Education Initiative.
(3 hours)
Entering Grades 9-12 – This course will help students prepare for the math section of the SAT, including changes that have been made since the introduction
of Common Core State Standards. The instructor will address different types of math questions on the test, while also teaching general skills for success and focusing on each student’s broader purpose and goals. The class will also cover concepts that can be applied to other math classes and everyday life. An SAT prep book is provided.
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 July 13-31

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