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 June 15-July 10
PYTHON PROGRAMMING – BEGINNING LEVEL Entering Grades 3-5 – This course introduces students to basic elements of the Python programming language, including data types, control structures, algorithm development and program design with functions. Students will be defining new object classes, creating interactive applications with buttons, learning about animation and creating an interactive game using Python. The instructor will also cover fundamental principles of object-oriented programming, as well as data and information processing techniques.
PYTHON PROGRAMMING – INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Entering Grades 3-5 – This course will help students strengthen their skills and build on what they have learned in previous introductory classes. Through practical examples, students will gain a deeper understanding of programming and how it is applied in the real world. Projects will reinforce their understanding of fundamentals while encouraging experimentation and exploration. Students will learn about building a platform and applications using Python installation, variables, operators, strings, lists, tuples and maps, Turtle, drawing, conditional statements, loops, functions, objects and classes.
PYTHON PROGRAMMING FOR THE RASPBERRY PI Entering Grades 3-5 – The course builds on basic programming skills, giving students the opportunity to apply programming knowledge to the Raspberry Pi and peripherals as they mimic and debug real-world Python applications. Class sessions include time to work on programs with help from the instructor. The course fee includes the Raspberry Pi and associated components, including sensors and servos. Students will keep the Raspberry Pi that they use in class.
(2 hours)
Entering Grade 2 – Students will focus on operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations in base 10, measurement and data as well as geometry. The course will address even and odd numbers, rounding, telling time in five-minute increments, counting money, adding and subtracting double- and triple-digit numbers, and solving word problems. Students will gain a deeper understanding of place value and problem-solving,
and will work with equal groups to gain foundations
for multiplication. The concepts taught in this class will assist students in acquiring the mathematical foundation needed for the next grade level.
★ Meets Common Core standards
 The Math Preparation series is designed to introduce key Common Core math concepts from the upcoming year while reinforcing the prior year’s most essential carryover skills.
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