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Although De Anza cannot grant a high school diploma, many high schools in the area recommend that students 18 years of age or older complete their high school requirements by taking college courses. A student who chooses to obtain a diploma in this way should obtain a statement from the principal or a counselor of the high school indicating:

  1. The subjects necessary for completion of the requirements for graduation and the number of quarter credits in each;
  2. Suggestions, if possible, of De Anza courses which may satisfy these high school requirements;
  3. The total number of quarter credits required, including electives; and
  4. Acceptance of credit for courses taken at De Anza.

The California State Department of Education has recommended that equivalent credit be granted on a two-to-one ratio as follows:

  1. Two college units equal four high school semester periods.
  2. Four college units equal eight high school semester periods.

Upon completion of the college course, the student should request the De Anza registrar to send a transcript of his or her college record to the high school. If courses which fulfill high school graduation requirements do not constitute a full program, the student may enroll in additional courses for college credit for which he or she qualifies.

Current high school students are also admissible provided they have a High School Concurrent Enrollment Form signed by their high school principal or designee and by a parent or guardian.

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