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For New Students: Placement Tests Overview

Who Should Take Placement Tests?

All new students to De Anza must be assessed in basic skills IF they plan to:

  • Transfer;
  • Earn a degree or certificate;
  • Enroll in any English (or ESL) or Math course; or
  • Are undecided about their educational goals.

Some students may be EXEMPT from placement testing IF they have completed college-level coursework in English, Math, Chemistry and Biology (college transcript proof required).

If you have completed prerequisite coursework at another college, you may submit your transcript with a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form  instead of taking placement tests. Starting April 20, 2015, prerequisites can only be cleared by courses which have been successfully completed, unless the courses are enrolled in at De Anza. 

Which Tests Should I Take?

  • Most new students are advised to take placement tests for English (or ESL) and Math.
  • Only students who plan to enroll in Chemistry 1A, Biology 6A or Biology 40A need to take Chemistry and Biology placement test.

Steps for Taking Placement Tests

  1. Select and Prepare for Your Test(s)
    To determine which tests to take and how much review and preparation you need, read the test information and sample questions listed as Steps 3 and 4 on the Placement Test Checklist.
    Note: There are (4) four different math tests.You must decide which math test to take. Math review modules are available to students for a minimal fee. 
  2. See retest policies for your test(s).
  3. Make an appointment to take your test(s).
  4. Got Questions? Get answers at Frequently Asked Questions. Example: Can I use my high school transcript to clear prerequisites instead of testing?

Retest Policy

In keeping with matriculation guidelines and to better conserve limited resources, we are modifying placement testing procedures regarding retesting. Know the current retest policies for you tests.

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