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Math Placement Tests: Four Different Levels

There are four (4) different Math placement tests.
Take sample math tests to determine which placement test is best for you.
What you can do if you've taken math placement tests or completed math prerequisite courses at other colleges.
  1. Students who have completed math course work (grade "C" or better) at another college or have received a score of 3 or higher on College Board AP Calculus exams should  submit a copy of their transcript or AP exam report for review along with the Prerequisite Clearance Request Form. Students can check articulation on
  2. Students who completed prerequisite courses at Foothill should submit the Prerequisite Clearance Request Form. They do not need to attach a transcript.
  3. Students who completed Placement testing at Foothill should contact De Anza Assessment Center prior to registration to determine placement and course eligibility.
  4. Students who have taken College Board "ACCUPLACER" math testing at another college can have their previous college provide Accuplacer test scores to De Anza Assessment Center Supervisor at for placement review.
  5. De Anza does not use math placement test scores from other colleges for placement into Calculus.
Schedule Your Math Placement Test Appointment
  • All math tests are provided by appointment.
  • You may test on a stand-by basis if seats are available, but appointments are recommended.
  • Calculators are not permitted during ANY math placement test.
  • Students must bring a photo ID and know De Anza 8-digit Student ID.
Prepare for your math placement exam. Get placed in the correct math class!
  • Sample test questions help you determine how much review and preparation you'll need before taking your math placement test.
  • Students who do not prepare for math testing usually score 1 to 2 levels below their last math course.
  • Retesting is limited. See current retest policies.
  • Tests are untimed multiple choice format.
  • Arithmetic Test clears students for entry into Math 210 or 212 depending on score.
  • Elementary Algebra Test clears students for entry into Math 212, 114 depending on score.
  • Review sample test questions
  • See test dates and times.

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  • Test is untimed multiple choice format.
  • Students who receive qualifying scores on the College-Level Math test are eligible to enroll  into Math 10 (Statistics), 11 (Finite), 44 (Contemporary Math), 46 (Math for Elementary Education),  41 (Precalculus 1), or 42 (Precalculus 2)
  • Review sample test questions
  • See test dates and times.

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  • Test is untimed multiple choice format.
  • Students who receive qualifying scores are eligible to enroll into Math 43 (Pre-Calculus 3), or Calculus Math 1A.
  • Test covers trigonometry and pre-calculus skills.
  • Review Calculus sample questions (PDF).
  • See test dates and times.

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