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Prerequisites, Corequisites & Advisories

General Rules to Clear Prerequisites

Prerequisites can be met by different criteria depending on each student's history. Transcripts or academic records show a student has passed the 'prerequisite' successfully, thus demonstrating a satisfactory level of competence.

For some courses, such as world languages, a 'prerequisite' may be documented by a portfolio, a performance, or a previously identified type of evidence to satisfy the requirement. In these cases, there may be an exception to submitting a transcript or other academic record.

See below to find where you fit in depending on your records.

High School Transcripts Only
  • Generally, high school courses cannot be used to clear prerequisites.  However, high school foreign language coursework may be used to clear some world language prerequisites.
  • Check exceptions using the navigation menu links.
College Transcripts
  • You must submit your college transcript and a Prerequisite Clearance Request form using one of the methods described under How do I submit a prerequisite clearance request?
  • Check the department links at the left to see if additional information or a different form is required.
Foothill College Courses
  • You must submit the Prerequisite Clearance Request form but you do not need to attach your Foothill transcript.  In progress courses may be used to conditionally clear the prerequisite but your final grades will be checked.
Foreign Transcripts
  • Generally, foreign transcripts cannot be used to clear prerequisites.
  • Check exceptions using the department links at the left menu.
AP Test Results
  • Some prerequisites may be cleared with AP test results, but it depends on the score and the test.
  • You must submit a copy of your College Board score report with the Prerequisite Clearance Request form 
  • If you requested your AP score report be sent to De Anza, you do not need to attach a copy of the report.  Indicate on the clearance form that the official report was sent.
Waiting for AP Test Results
  • Prerequisites cannot be cleared without proof of AP exam score.
  • If your AP scores have not arrived, you may take the placement test. Remember, though, the highest recommendation you can get on a placement test is Biology 6A, Chemistry 1A, EWRT 1A or Math 1A.
  • Grades for AP courses do not clear prerequisites.

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