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Adapted Physical Education

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Four Steps to Enroll


Any person with a verified disability can enroll in APE classes.  A physician must verify a person's diagnosis and the resulting physical limitations.  Information is described on qualifying eligible disabilities, the definitions and documentation requirements.  The packet that includes the required De Anza College Disability Verification Form can be downloaded and printed.

Enrolled students typically have a physical disability or chronic health impairment that impacts their ability to participate in a regular physical education course. 

Students who benefit are those who want to regularly  exercise to improve their physical fitness. Many find that being with other students who are also participating in self-improvement creates a motivating peer support environment in the gym and the pool.

In most classes students follow the individualized exercise program developed by the adapted physical education instructor, under supervision and with assistance when necessary.  This individualized, independent approach is intended to promote life-long exercise and fitness habits.

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Enrolling for New and Returning Students

When Does One Enroll for the Up-Coming Quarter?

Enrollment (registration) usually starts one or two months prior to the first day of the new quarter.  Because there is high demand for class spaces, students are encouraged to start the process early. 

Available class space is often limited.  New and returning students will have the best opportunity to join the program if are flexible in their schedule and choice of class times.

New students may be added, on a space available basis, after the quarter classes begin.

What is Meant by "New" or "Returning" Student?

New Student

A new student is one who has NOT enrolled in a De Anza College APE class before.  

Returning Student

A student who PREVIOUSLY enrolled in a De Anza College APE class, but who has been absent for more than one quarter (excluding summer).

*Note:  Students with disabilities attending other De Anza classes and already enrolled through DSS should make an appointment with their DSS counselor if they want to begin participating in  APE.

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Four Steps to Enroll

  1. Provide Verification of Disability
  2. Schedule a Registration Appointment.
  3. Visit the APE Program.
  4. Attend the Registration Appointment to Complete Paperwork & Pay Fees.

Step 1

Provide Verification of Disability.

New Students
  • Download and print the De Anza Disability Verification Packet
    • Includes Disability Verification form.
  • If necessary, the packet will be mailed on request. Call the Disability Support Services (DSS) at (408) 864-8753 or APE.
Returning students
  • Contact the DSS Secretaryfor instructions to
    • update any disability verification documentation, if needed
    • make a registration appointment
Both New and Returning students
  • The Disability Verification Form must be completed and signed by a physician, or other professional qualified to diagnose and treat the condition.
  • Submit the completed Disability Verification form in person or by mail to:

Disability Support Services
Student and Community Services Bldg.
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

or transmit by FAX to (408) 864-5492

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Step 2

Schedule a Registration Appointment.

  • Upon receipt of the completed Disability Verification Form, a staff member from the DSS program will call to schedule an Intake-Registration appointment.
  • This appointment is with a DSS counselor and lasts about one hour.
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Step 3

Visit the APE Program.

  • New students who have not previously visited an APE class should do so before their Intake Appointment.
  • If possible, schedule the registration appointment to accommodate a visit to P.E. 13 any school day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • At this visit, the APE instructor will suggest the  appropriate class(es) for your first quarter enrollment.
  • Take this information to your Intake-Registration appointment.
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Step 4

Attend Registration Appointment to Complete Paperwork & Pay Fees.
  • Appointments take place in:
    • Disability Support Services Office,
      1st floor of the Student and Community Services Bldg.
      (for location and parking, see campus map).
  • New and returning students must submit a college application.  It can be completed either:
    • On-line at home
    • At the Intake Appointment
  • Students should be prepared to pay college enrollment fees by check or credit card at the Registration Appointment.
    • The DSS counselor can explain the BOG-W Fee Waiver program for low income students. and assist with the application process.
    • The BOG-W program reduces, but does not eliminate fees.
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Registration for Continuing Students

A continuing student is one who is currently enrolled in an Adapted Physical Education class.

  • Continuing students register for the following quarter during a special APE Registration Period held in the APE classes.
  • Instructions will be provided by the class instructor.
  • Dates of the registration period are announced and posted in the APE classes and on the News and Announcements page.

To be officially enrolled in an APE class, all students must

  • Complete all required college and Disability Support Services paperwork.

  • Pay  enrollment fees.
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General Campus Map and Directions

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Adapted Physical Education Gym: PE-13
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