De Anza Youth Badminton Clinic – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you train?

Our clinics are conducted in the De Anza College Gymnasium which is room PE 21 on campus maps (DA campus, PE Quad).  If you park in the Stelling Parking Structure (Lot C) and enter the PE complex, you turn right and walk around the pool and you'll find the gym as the two-story structure on the right.

What age groups do you train?

We typically are training children who are attending 4th – 12th grade. The currently run basic instruction in clinics for 4th-6th graders and Middle School/High School groups.  We also have a PERFORMANCE program for more advanced competitors .

How are the sessions conducted?

A lead coach will take the group through warm-ups and introduce skill-building exercise.  Together with staff coaches (De Anza coaches and players) the class is directed through the exercise.  The later part of the session is usually dedicated to free play to apply the skills being taught.  We typically have an overall participant-to-coach ratio is about 12-to-1.

How do you accommodate more skilled youth?

We have a performance clinic program for our more advanced players.  More information can be found here.

What does my child need for the clinics?

They need to wear non-marking athletic shoes (no sandals), water and a badminton racquet. If they have not played before, we recommend a modest investment in a new racquet. This will allow them to practice "juggling" at home or to hit shuttles with a friend or family member. More experienced players may find more advanced, lightweight racquets to their liking, however these can be quite expensive ($70 and up). We would recommend starting with a less expensive beginner’s racquet. Local badminton shops (Badminton Alley, Racquet Supply, Synergy Badminton Club, etc.) carry many such racquets.

Do you accommodate students in need of financial assistance?

Students who are in need of financial assistance should contact Coach Mark Landefeld at and provide some information regarding their situation. A number of fee waivers will be provided for each youth clinic.

My child cannot make one of the sessions.  Could we pro-rate the clinic fee?

While this practice is more common with more expensive, private lessons, group lessons like the clinic require the arrangement and payment for facility and staff whether or not an individual can attend.  Therefore we are unable to pro-rate the clinic fee.

Where do I park?

If you wish to view the clinic session, the closest parking is in the Stelling Parking Structure, however all on-campus parking requires a permit ($3 available from pay stations on the northern corners of the structure and by the entry to the Physical Education complex).  There are a few Green stalls which allow for 20 minutes of free parking located at the northwest corner of Lot C.

On the 1st Saturday of each month, parking is also complicated by the De Anza Flea Market, which uses the nearby campus lots and charges an event parking rate ($5 day).

On Flea Market Saturdays (first Saturday of the month), you may enter lot C (the Stelling Parking Structure area) and inform the parking attendant that you are making a drop off for the Physical Education area.  You will be allowed access to the lot, but if you park without a permit, you may be cited.

Other questions?

Contact Coach Mark at .

Proceeds from the clinics support the De Anza College women’s badminton team

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