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Wanna Swim or Dive?

Here is the schedule and minimum requirements to be a member of the swim team for the academic year (Fall-Winter-Spring Quarter).

Additional benefits include tutoring, academic counseling for athletes, and use of the team locker room.

Fall Quarter:

(There are no competitions in the fall. Swim and Dive season are during winter and spring quarter. It is highly recommended to participate in the fall to prepare for the season.)

Enroll in PE 32P - Techniques of Swimming and Diving

Please check the current schedule of classes for meeting times OR there are optional hours of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons between 12:30-3:30pm.

Winter and Spring Quarter:

1. Enroll in PE 45 - Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving. This is a 3 unit class in the Winter and a 1.5 unit class in the Spring.

Practices will be Monday-Friday from 8:30-10:20am. There will be some optional hours available if you cannot make the morning swim times.

2. You must be enrolled in a total of 12 units in both the winter and spring quarter in order to compete at swim meets. 9 units must be academic/vocational in nature.

Please contact Coach Danielle Von Matt by e mail and include the following information.

1. Your name.

2. Cell phone number.

3. High school and year of graduation.

4. Please indicate if you are already an actively enrolled student at De Anza College.

Swimming and Diving Building: PE 41L
Contact: Danielle Von Matt
Phone: 408.864.5655

Last Updated: 11/4/13