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Preparation for the Intercollegiate Season starts in September at the beginning of the Fall Quarter. Students should enroll in Tennis Techniques, PE 32T.

Tryouts occur in early January.  Students must enroll in the Intercollegiate Tennis class, PE 48M by the end of second week of the Winter quarter to be eligible to participate.  The intercollegiate season spans from January 15 tthrough the beginning of May.

Academic Requirements: Eligible players on the Men's Tennis Team must have full-time academic status (10 academic units and 2 to 3 units for the intercollegiate tennis course, a minimum of 12 quarter units during the competitive season). They must also maintain an average G.P.A. of 2.0.  Freshman or first-time competitors do not have a unit requirement to be eligible to compete.  Sophomores or students who wish to compete for a second season must have completed 36 academic units prior to competing in their second season. Sophomores and transfer students should see our academic coordinator, Matt Trosper.  He can help you with more details in this area. Just call 408 864-8646 or email him to set up an appointment:

Athletic Requirements: No previous competitive tennis experience is required to try out for a spot on the De Anza Men's Tennis Team. Students with enthusiasm for the sport, motivation to contribute in a team environment, and dedication to practice for match play are encouraged to try out. As important as tennis ability and the commitment to building a winning team is each player's determination to succeed as a student athlete, applying the discipline necessary to do well on and off the court. Players must maintain at least a 2.0 grade average, and continuously work to achieve their potential academically as well as athletically.

Men's Tennis Building:  PE41g
Contact: Ron Ward
Phone: (831)234-3136

Last Updated: 3/19/15