Budget Information

Budget Information

Message from Chancellor Kanter: Foothill-De Anza Budget Reduction - 02/25/09

TO:              All Faculty and Staff
FROM:        Martha Kanter
SUBJECT:   Foothill-De Anza Budget Reduction Plan

Now that Governor Schwarzenegger signed the state budget last Friday, we have taken a few days to analyze the impact on our district and prepared this first release of the Foothill-De Anza Budget Reduction Plan to close the $11 million gap between our ongoing revenues and expenses over the next 18 months. Thanks to diligent work by many, we have identified ways to narrow that budget gap.

We view this plan as a starting point from which we can make the best possible decisions to get us through this challenging time, which is complicated by economic, student and workforce fluctuations that affect our revenues and expenses. Yesterday we met with our district governance leaders for a first reading of this plan, the first of many such discussions we will have throughout the district in the months ahead. Toward this end, we will host open forums and prepare monthly updates to this plan as new fiscal information becomes available. We also will post and maintain a "Frequently Asked Q&A" document on our district web site as we gather your questions and respond in more detail.

In the plan you will see that absent changes to our collective bargaining and meet-and-confer agreements, we will need to suspend or eliminate an estimated 76 positions over the next 18 months to balance our ongoing revenue and expenses by June 30, 2010.  We already have identified 26 positions (22 vacant positions and 4 filled positions) that we will suspend or eliminate by June 30, 2009, the end of this fiscal year. Our campus and Central Services governance leaders are reviewing these reductions. We are now working to identify positions for the 4 affected individuals and are committed to doing everything we can to utilize vacancies where possible to accommodate others who may be displaced.

Moving forward as a community, we will work together, reorganize programs and services where necessary, take advantage of external funding opportunities, and pursue all possibilities to minimize the impact to members of our Foothill-De Anza family. Above all, we must educate our students and to do that, we need to keep our faculty, staff and administrators in place to the extent our funding allows. We will work with you to find solutions to retain the remaining 50 positions (beyond the 26 already identified as mentioned above) that we would otherwise need to eliminate or suspend in order to close our deficit. We will continuously examine all aspects of our budget and seek opportunities to mitigate the impact on students and staff. We need your ideas, your suggestions and your help, and ask you to participate actively in the campus and district meetings, forums and conversations to find creative solutions to this enormous challenge before us.

We already have taken a number of steps to cut expenses and bring down our deficit. We have reduced low-enrolled class sections, increased FTES and productivity, and taken advantage of the cost-saving measures that we have identified to date, including suspending and eliminating vacant positions. We will continue to pursue these opportunities to avoid layoffs if possible. We will also advocate vigorously for our fair share of any new resources, at the federal, state and local levels.

Please review this information and join us at any number of public discussions planned for the months ahead. Thank you for your continued commitment to our students, and your support and participation in helping us meet these daunting challenges.


Board of Trustees
Chancellor's Advisory Council
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Budget Information
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