Budget Information

Budget Information

Governor Releases 2012-13 Budget; Details Unclear - Jan. 5, 2012


January 5, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Following the accidental web release of budget documents, Governor Jerry Brown decided to release his proposed 2012-13 budget plan early today.

As you know, I like to be candid. To be honest, Theresa and I are still pouring over the details at this hour to provide you with the best analysis possible. Because of the early release, the normal briefings where we can have our detailed questions answered were not possible.

Clearly, the governor has proposed an honest and balanced approach to addressing the state's budget problem. However, the changes to the community college budget--including complete categorical flexibility, deferral repayment, and an unspecified $4.8 billion Proposition 98 cut if temporary taxes don't pass--require us to be cautious in our initial analysis and commentary.

The quick and dirty is that the budget would provide flat funding for community colleges in 2012-13 if the temporary taxes pass, and new money would undo accounting maneuvers that have been used to underfund community colleges (deferrals). If the temporary taxes don't pass, we would be faced with hundreds of millions in budget cuts. In both scenarios, the governor proposes consolidating all categorical programs into a $411.6 million single stream of funding.

If you would like to read the governor's budget documents, they are available at the following links:

That's probably it for tonight. We will work to get the budgetary and statutory bill language as soon as possible to provide you with analysis with which we feel comfortable.


Scott Lay
President and Chief Executive Officer, The League
Orange Coast College '94

Community College League of California
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916.444.8641 . www.ccleague.org

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