Budget Information

Budget Information

Governor Brown's January Budget Proposal - January 11, 2013



Earlier today Governor Brown sent a clear message regarding the importance of community colleges in the recovery of California.  His proposal for increased investment in our colleges to restore student access, improve student success, enhance technology in our colleges and strengthen workforce education makes it clear he expects California community colleges to play a major role in the new California. 

We will soon send more detail on the particulars of the Governor’s recommendation, but clearly his proposed nearly $200 million increase in base apportionment is wonderful news for a financially stressed system.  Additionally, his proposals for funding of an online education initiative, increased resources to expand clean and green education, a greater role for community colleges in adult education and apprenticeships and more flexibility in workforce education funding make it clear he believes we can make a positive difference in the future of higher education in California.

The Governor has also made several policy-related proposals that we will want to study carefully.  He has suggested we alter our funding to put the focus on student outcomes, limit the number of units students can accumulate, and encourage more students to apply for federal aid.   We will continue to keep the administration informed of the progress of the student success initiative which we feel will accomplish many of the same goals.  All of these recommendations will require careful study and discussion within the system and with the legislature. 

With this budget proposal Governor Brown has honored his pledge to the voters who approved Proposition 30 in November.  He has made targeted investments in K-12 and higher education and held the line on the majority of other state expenses.  This is just the beginning of a long process leading up to the approval of a final budget later this year, and we will have many opportunities to offer our input in the legislature in coming months.  In the meantime we thank the Governor for his support of our system and pledge to work hard to justify his faith in our colleges.


Budget Information
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