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Legislative Analyst's Office Analysis - Jan. 21,2011

January 20, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Have you read the new analysis http://lao.ca.gov/analysis/2011/higher/ccc_course_enrollment.aspx on community college course prioritization by the nonpartisan Legislative  Analyst's Office?

The LAO, which will be heavily relied upon by the Legislature this year, writes /"Taken together, our recommendations would (1) help increase opportunities for high–priority students (such as recent high–school graduates) to enroll in courses they need to progress toward their educational goals, and (2) reduce funding for lower–priority enrollment by approximately 50,000 FTE students—for savings to the state of about $235 million."/

In summary, the LAO recommends:

* Adopt statewide CCC registration priorities that reflect the
Master Plan’s top goals.
* Establish a 100–unit cap on the number of taxpayer–subsidized
credits a CCC student may accumulate.
* Eliminate state funding for repetition of physical education and
other recreational classes.

The LAO's recommendations would reduce community college enrollment ("workload") by 50,000 FTES, for a savings of around $235 million. This may or may not be seen as an alternative to the "census" change proposal that the governor proposed last Monday.

As we talked about in Consultation Council this morning, we are going to put in the position of making undesirable decisions this year. There are no classes or programs that lack a constituency and, unfortunately, the most educationally and economically disadvantaged populations are often
the politically easiest, even if inadvertent, to adversely impact.

What do you think of the LAO's recommendations? Let me know <mailto:scottlay@ccleague.org>, and I'll share your thoughts with the League's boards this weekend.


Scott Lay
President and Chief Executive Officer
Community College League of California
2017 O Street, Sacramento, California 95811
916.444.8641 . www.ccleague.org

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