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State Budget Update - Feb. 17, 2011



California - Budget Update

Tomorrow, we anticipate the full budget committees of both houses to adopt spending cuts in line with the governor's proposed balanced approach. While they are shuffling cuts around, Democratic leadership has pledged to meet the overall $12.5 billion in cuts in a series of very difficult votes by legislators.

For community colleges, we expect the $400 million apportionment reduction, offset by $110 million in student fee revenue ($26/unit to $36/unit) for a net cut of $290 million. Instead of the changing the census dates, we expect the committees to achieve the savings through "workload reduction," likely with language ordering the colleges to maintain transfer, basic skills and career-technical education.

The goal in this round of cuts is to "keep it simple." While the Legislature and administration continue to engage us on the best ways to manage cuts, including eliminating regulatory barriers, we don't expect serious conversations on these items until after the prospective June election. Every funding item and every regulation has a constituency, and the Legislature does not want to make the same mistake as in May 2009, when some labor groups were unhappy and actively campaigned against the tax extensions.

Also, my e-mail on Tuesday listing the LAO's cuts was incomplete, as the full memo had not been leaked at the time. When it did come out yesterday morning, the suggested additional cuts for community colleges totalled $685 million, meaning the "fair share" of a cuts-only budget would be $1.085 billion, or 17.3%.

Review the full list of LAO's proposed cuts at our Budget Advocacy Action Center at www.ccleague.net.

While many of us are back in Sacramento for Consultation Council, League Director of Governmental Relations Bonnie Slosson is still working Capitol Hill today on behalf of the 418,000 California community college students who would lose $203 million in funding for next year's education under the continuing resolution. I hope you'll take a moment to look at the impact for your congressional district, and then call your congressmember to ensure they know the awful vote they are casting this afternoon.


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