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Budget Information

Updated Budget Scenarios - Feb. 24, 2012



Okay, I screwed up. I wish I could tell you that our scenario this afternoon overestimated the current year cuts. Unfortunately, it was the opposite. At the League, our team prides itself on accuracy, but also works on a very efficient budget. So, when I was programming the site this afternoon, I screwed up with data provided by Theresa and understated the January shortfall by $30 million statewide.

Anyway, the data are correct now at http://www.ccleague.net/february-surprise/.

It is worth noting that California's budget and, particularly education finance, has progressively gotten more complicated in recent years. Wow, I dream about the easy years a decade ago. Nevertheless, our team adapts and we'll work hard to provide you the most accurate information possible. At times, that may require an "Oops," which I humbly submit to you tonight.


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Budget Information
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