Budget Information

Budget Information

FHDA Budget Townhall - May 2, 2011


For copies of the documents presented at today's townhall, please click on the links below:


Vice Chancellor Kevin McElroy's PowerPoint Presentation FHDATownhallBudgetUpdate05_02_11 (ppt)


Vice President Letha Jeanpierre's De Anza College's Budget Reduction Scenarios.

Campuswide_ Budget_Reductions_Scenarios05_02_11 (pdf)

FER_PBT_ Budget_Reductions_Scenarios05_02_11 (pdf)

I_PBT_ Budget_Reductions_Scenarios05_02_11 (pdf)

SS_PBT_Budget_Reductions_Scenarios05_02_11 (pdf)

Budget Information
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