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Budget Information

May Revise Scenarios - May 14, 2012


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May 14, 2012 - Second Update

Dear Colleagues,

The governor released his May Revise. As expected, the "best case scenario" gets a little bit better, while the "worst case scenario" get significantly worse. Here are our two new scenarios:

The revised budget contains many technical adjustments, including a huge anticipated revenue boost of $191.2 million (on top of $157 million projected in January) for community colleges from redevelopment in 2012-13. Because we don't receive automatic backfill of shortfalls in local revenues like K-12, this is a significant concern that we will bring to the attention of the administration and lawmakers.

We applaud the governor for reconsidering eliminating the eligibility of most of our CalWORKs students from attending community college while transitioning from welfare to work.

We're reviewing the details and we look forward to sharing them with you during tomorrow's webinars. We will also be posting detailed information tomorrow at www.ccleague.net/budget.


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