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Budget Information

P2 Apportionment Exhibits - June 25, 2009

Greetings CBOs,

A couple points of clarification in regards to this message:

1)      As noted in the message, the Governor and the Legislature have both proposed $85 million current-year reductions to community college funding. The Governor proposed cutting $85 million from categorical programs. The legislative Budget Conference Committee proposed an $85 million “unallocated reduction” that could come from either categorical funds or general apportionments. It is safe to assume that an $85 million cut will be made to the 2008-09 allocations, even if the state budget is enacted after the end of the 2008-09 fiscal year. As soon as language is adopted, we will provide guidance as to the form the cut will take.

2)      The State Controller has announced that payments protected under the State Constitution, including payments to community colleges, will be made during the month of July. Payments that may be disrupted by the state’s cash shortfall include: “payments to local governments for social services, private contractors, state vendors, income and corporate tax refunds, and payments for State operations including legislative per diem.” So the July payments for community colleges are safe. Savor this bit of good news—there aren’t many of them these days.


Erik Skinner

Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Policy
California Community Colleges,
Chancellor's Office
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From: Monroe, Ed
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 2:47 PM
Subject: P2 Apportionment Exhibits are now posted on our website

Hello All,

The apportionment payment exhibits for the Second Principal Apportionment (P2) have been posted on our website along with an updated Exhibit D for the 2007-08 Recalculation.  Please note that the P2 Apportionment allocation was based on the 2008-09 Budget Act enacted on February 20, 2009.  This P2 Apportionment does not reflect current proposals by both the Governor and the Legislature to amend the 2008-09 Community College Budget, which include an $85 million reduction in general fund resources and an additional $115 million 2008-09 deferral.  Depending on the final disposition of the 2008-09 Budget, the Chancellor’s Office will either post a revised P2 or make any 2008-09 changes as part of the final recalculation in February 2010.   http://www.cccco.edu/SystemOffice/Divisions/FinanceFacilities/FiscalServices/AllocationsSection/ApportionmentReports/tabid/329/Default.aspx

Also, the 2008-09 deferral repayments totaling $540 million have also been posted to the website.  In prior years, the July deferral was usually repaid within the first week of July.   However, given the State’s existing cash shortage there could be a delay in meeting this time frame this July.


Ed Monroe
Specialist, Fiscal Services
(916) 327-6226 or emonroe@cccco.edu

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