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Budget Information

Budget Details Emerge - June 28, 2011




Dear Colleagues,

The Assembly and Senate are expected to come in at 3pm and 4pm respectively to vote on the deal hammered out between legislative Democrats and the governor. As I wrote yesterday, the plan doesn't increase taxes but projects $4 billion in new tax revenue associated with the economic recovery and expected initial public offerings of several prominent California companies. If the revenue does not come in, tiers of cuts would be enacted depending on the status of the revenues.

We fully expect enactment of the budget this afternoon or evening.

Here's what we know for community colleges:

  • Tier 0 (at least $3 of the $4 billion materializes): No cuts
  • Tier 1 (between $2 and $3b of revenue materializes): $30 million apportionment cut, backfilled by an increase in fees of $10, to $46/unit
  • Tier 2 (between $0 and $2b of new revenue materializes): Tier 1 cut and fee increase PLUS a $72 million additional apportionment cut (workload reduction assumed)

Obviously, the fee increase is a policy and practical nightmare. By the December 15 trigger date, many students will have already enrolled for spring term. We will work to fix this after the budget is enacted, even though it's likely we will have to take the $30 million cut somewhere else.

The budget also assumes the $400 million apportionment cut, offset by $110 million in student fee revenue originally proposed in January, as well as the new $129 million deferral from spring 2012 until October 2012. We are working to make a technical adjustment to that deferral to assist districts in audit compliance.

We'll keep you posted, and we're regularly tweeting developments at twitter.com/ccleague.


Scott Lay
President and Chief Executive Officer, The League
Orange Coast College '94

Community College League of California
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