Budget Information

Budget Information

Chancellor's Office Media Statement on State Budget - Oct. 8, 2010



October 8, 2010

California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott

Comments on the State Budget Passed by the Legislature

SACRAMENTO, Calif.  - California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack
Scott today released the following statement on the state budget passed
by the Legislature:

"In this recession, hundreds of thousands of individuals are turning to
our nation's community colleges to find classes in an effort to obtain
new or updated job skills.  In addition to traditional high school
graduates, we're enrolling high numbers of unemployed and under-employed
individuals seeking short-term job certification programs in order to
get back into the workforce quickly or hang on to their current jobs.  

 "In light of this demand, I'm pleased our legislative leaders agreed to
augment our budget to help us serve more students in 2010-11, and expand
workforce training programs.  However, the budget also defers $189
million of the money promised us until the next year.  This action tends
to undermine the funding increases by obligating our system to expand
this year, but does not provide colleges with the resources to do so
until next year.

"We're still faced with the fact that far more students want to attend a
community college than our funding will allow.  Even with these
increases in our budget, policymakers need to understand the demand for
a community college education is continuing to outstrip resources.  This
will have a severe impact on the economic recovery of our state because
our system is the largest provider of workforce training.  

 "The community colleges are serving roughly 200,000 students for which
we are receiving no state remuneration.  The $126 million growth
augmentation will fund approximately 60,000 of the 200,000 unfunded
students on our campuses.  The enrollment funding will help our colleges
respond to the tremendous demand they are experiencing but the deferral
still puts us in a tough spot.  Our credit card is getting pretty heavy

The California Community Colleges http://www.cccco.edu/  is the
largest system of higher education in the nation.  It is composed of 72
districts and 112 colleges serving 2.76 million students per year.
Community colleges supply workforce training, a basic skills education
and prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and
universities.  The Chancellor's Office provides leadership, advocacy and
support under the direction of the Board of Governors of the California
Community Colleges.


Budget Information
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