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Budget Information

Proposed Title 5 Revisions: Implementation of the 50% Law

Dear Colleagues,
Please be advised that the Board of Governors will consider a revision to the regulations implementing the 50% Law at its November 2-3 (First Reading) and January 12-13, 2010 (Action) meetings.  The proposed change is designed to make it more feasible for districts to direct ARRA or state general funds to backfill the cuts to the categorical programs.  It would authorize the Board of Governors to waive district penalties for failing to comply with the 50% Law if the reason for noncompliance is the expenditure of ARRA or district general funds to backfill categorical cuts.
A full explanation of this proposal was brought to the Consultation Council at its October 15 meeting in the form of a Consultation Digest that you can access at this link:

Formal notice of filing for the regulation change can be accessed at this link: 


The public is invited to comment on this proposal during a Public Hearing at the Board of Governors meeting on November 2-3.  The meeting will be held at City College of San Francisco.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
Linda Michalowski
Vice Chancellor, Student Services and Special Programs
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
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