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KQEDs "Forum" @ 9am on 4/24 - California's Community Colleges in the Economic Downturn

From: KQED
Date: April 23, 2009
To: Scott Lay
Subject: On Forum for Friday, 4/24
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Dear Scott Lay,

On Forum for Friday, 4/24: KQED radio 88.5

9:00 am Forum with Dave Iverson

California's Community Colleges in the Economic Downturn
California's community college system is the largest higher education system in the country. What role do community colleges play in preparing tomorrow's workforce, and how do they meet that challenge in today's economic climate? We present a special live broadcast from Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, California with guests including Ruben Lizardo, associate director of
Policy Link, a national research and action institute; Peter Garcia, president of Los Medanos College; Darrell Steinberg, state senator representing California's 6th District and president pro tempore-elect of the California State Senate; Jose Millan, vice chancellor in the Economic Development and Workforce Preparation Division at the California Community Colleges System Office; and Natalie Lizardo-Sarellano, sociology student at Los Medanos College.

10:00 am Forum with Dave Iverson

The New Vocational School - Vocational education used to be viewed as a last resort by many,
but today's vocational programs -- now called career and technical education -- are viable options that offer good pay and defined career paths. We continue our live broadcast from Los Medanos College for a look at what works in the new world of vocational education. Guests include Kiran Kamath, dean of occupational education at Los Medanos College; Stephen Baiter, administrator at Contra Costa One Stop Consortium/EASTBAY Works; David Kail, director of the Process Technology Program at Los Medanos College; Jesse Parks, nursing student at Los Medanos
College; and Keith Lovgren, senior program manager for PG&E Power Pathways.

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