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Child Development and Education

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Student orientations (schedule) are designed to provide you with information about our child development program, college services, and other resources.

Child Development & Education Department National Association for the Education of Young Children Early Childhood Associate Degree Accreditation 


The Professional Preparation of Spanish-Speaking Early Childhood Education Community College Students and Non-Matriculated Early Educators- Study & Report 2010

Education Access and Success Program- Study and Report 2008


Community Service Learning: Please contact VIDA Cynthia Kaufman at (408) 864-8937 to learn more about volunteer opportunities connected with courses in various departments.

Child Development courses in Spanish and Chinese:  Offered during the evening.

Please check the Social Sciences and Humanities Division events page for a listing of events in other departments.


Chair: Dr. Li Wei Sun
Office: CD2-21d
Phone: 408.864.5329



Last Updated: 6/11/15