Child Development - Program Guide

Careers with Children

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An understanding of early development is a prerequisite for many career options.You may prepare yourself to:

  • elementary school teacher
  • kindergarten teacher
  • pediatric nurse
  • speech therapist
  • teacher's aide
  • home childcare provider
  • pediatrician
  • child psychologist

Serve families directly as a

  • social worker
  • adoption worker
  • family therapist
  • parent educator
  • special needs case manager
  • school principal
  • recreation leader
  • education program consultant
  • licensing analyst
  • child development center director
  • children's librarian
  • referral agency specialist
  • in-service training specialist
  • instructional technologist
  • college instructor
  • family court lawyer
  • education columnist
  • playground designer
  • educational equipment designer
  • child advocate
  • children's media specialist
  • mediator
  • educational equipment manufacturer

Ask one of the Child Development and Education instructors to be your
advisor when you are making career decisions and selecting classes in our department.

Meet with one of the advisor's in the Counseling Division to assess your degree or
transfer progress and to familiarize yourself with the college's General Education

Child Development and Education Chair: Mayra Cruz
Office: CD-3 36
Phone: 408.864.8215 sizeplaceholder

Last Updated: 9/1/09