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AutoCAD - DMT 70A (formerly CDI 80)

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In Fall 2015 the "CAD" program will transform and be known as the Design and Manufacturing Technologies Department "DMT"; encapsulating high end CAD design, CAM,  CNC & Manufacturing Technology.
AutoCAD 2016
Free downloads of AutoCAD (student version) provided to enrolled students.

Other local AutoCAD programs:


Evergreen Valley College


West Valley College Department of Architecture & Engineering





Other useful resources of interest.

Autodesk University

AutoCAD Discussion Groups

CAD computers ideas

Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)

AutoDesk University on YouTube

JourneyEd.com - Academic Software Discounts!



What is AutoCAD?


Our Textbook

 AutoCAD-A Problem-Solving Approach-2013 and Beyond

AutoCAD: A Problem-Solving Approach: 2013 and Beyond - By Sham Tickoo (Paperback)


Also available at Cengage

  • ISBN-10: 1133946313  
  • ISBN-13: 9781133946311 

Supplemental class material.

Reference textbook available as PDF courtesy of the author.

Engineering Graphics and Design: With Graphical Analysis  

Engineering Graphics and Design: With Graphical Analysis  

By Louis Gary Lamit


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(CDI) CAD @ De Anza

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