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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing


Available Fall 2015 as DMT 52 (formerly CDI 51) Held Friday evenings.

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Fall GD&T CAD Class begin Monday Sept. 21st, 2015

The MCNC 72 GD&T class will be offered Summer quarter 2015!

We highly recommend taking MCNC 72 - Applied Geometric Inspection Dimensioning and Tolerancing (ASME Y14.5M); Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM ) - Book used

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CDI 51 - GD&T:


Text Book: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 9th Edition:

By: David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen


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Student Documentation Package - Example 1 , Example 2



Sample Video Lectures on 3CMedia



Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing




The GD&T Hierarchy Pyramid


GD&T Glossary: (Based on ASME Y14.5-2009)


7 Deadly Sins of Dimensioning and Tolerancing

CDI 51 - Book

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, 8th Edition


Book Description:


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing provides thorough coverage of GD&T practices, as established by the ASME Y14.5–2009 standard. From understanding symbols on existing drawings to calculating the tolerances for proper size and location of features, topics are introduced in a methodical manner to establish an understanding of basic concepts before building to more advanced applications. Heavily illustrated, the use of the second color enhances learning by highlighting callouts and labels separately from the symbols and text of each drawing.


ISBN #  978-1-60525-938-3


Look Inside:


 Front Matter (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, CAD / Drafting)


Chapter 3 (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, CAD / Drafting)


Chapter 9 (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, CAD / Drafting)


PowerPoint Presentations
   sample Chapter 3 (PPS, 5.54 MB)


Why GD&T?


What is GD&T?


Supplemental class material.

Engineering Graphics and Design: With Graphical Analysis  

By Louis Gary Lamit


Other useful resources of interest.

Chapter 15 & Chapter 16 GD&T and Dimensioning  as per ASME Y14.5 2003

Principles of Engineering Drawing

3D Tolerancing Poster

GD&T Tips

The GD&T Hierarchy Pyramid

Y14.5 - 2009 Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Book

GD&T Articles

GD&T Hierarchy PowerPoint Presentation

7 Deadly Sins of Dimensioning and Tolerancing





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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing provides complete coverage of the fundamentals of GD&T concepts, covers how to read and interpret prints with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing symbols, and teaches how to draw using GD&T symbology. The 2003 edition is based on the ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard and uses a second color to enhance the text.

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