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All CAD students must go to CAD-Resources for important information about your classes and also read Class Rules and Regulations.


CDI Program planning student worksheet


Excel version of planning worksheet




Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)




 Design and Manufacturing Club












Incomplete Contract Form Info:



1. Title 5 defines the “I” as “Incomplete academic work for unforeseeable, emergency and justifiable reasons at the end of the term” such as illness or death in family. The “I” should not be used for reasons such as “student did not take the final” or “student could not complete the work”. Appropriate reasons for the “I” include “death in family “ or “student illness the date of the final”.  

2. When assigning a grade, please keep in mind that the grade should be based only on the work the student has completed to date. If you do not assign a grade the default will be “F”.  

3. After completion of the course work, submit a Grade Change Request Form to the Admissions and Records Office.  


1. If you do not complete the work below, your grade will become what the instructor has indicated. If the instructor does not indicate a grade, an “F” grade will be posted to your record.  

2. The deadline for completion is the end of one year or an earlier date specified by the instructor.  

3. You may not re-enroll in this course.  

Instructors - How to Save and E-mail Completed Form  

1. Click on your browser’s “File/Save Page As” drop-down menu and save this form on your local system.  

2. To fill out the form, use Adobe Reader 8.0 or 9.0 to open the file you saved and fill out the form.  

3. If you will be e-mailing the form, it is important that you use the electronic signature to sign the form. That way the content of the form is locked and can not be changed after you e-mail it.  

4. Before closing the form, again use your browser “File/Save Page As” to save the completed form on your system under a different and unique name. For example, you could add the student’s name to the form title: JoeBlowIncompleteContract.pdf.  

5. Now you can send an e-mail to Admissions and Records with the completed pdf file attached to your e-mail. You also have the option, to print the completed form and fax, mail or deliver it in person to Admission and Records, which ever method is the easi­est for you.  

6. Admissions and Records e-mail addresses are: Foothill: acedshawna@foothill.edu or browersshelly@foothill.edu De Anza: penaferrickjoan@fhda.edu .



 Looking for a JOB:                  


PTC- Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric hiring database talent.ptc.com


CSIX Connect helps individuals in career transition to significantly improve their job search success through education, in-person networking and mutual support.


Silicon Valley Jobs


Job Search Guide - Improve Your Interview Skills




What is parametric, feature-based modeling?  - Wikipedia



Engineering Graphics and Design: With Graphical Analysis  

By Louis Gary Lamit



CDI CAD Program Counseling

   * Contact Gary Lamit for program counseling lamitgary@fhda.edu

  * Contact General Counseling for general education, and degree or certificate processing appointment 

408 864 5400


Parametric Design - Chapter 5 from: Engineering Graphics and Design by Gary Lamit


CAD computers ideas

JourneyEd.com - Academic Software Discounts!


                     - Pro/Engineer Resources:     

Register for your Free Copy of Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition

PTC Pro/Engineer main page

PTC Corporate Videos

Pro/ENGINEER Student Edition eLearning Librar

PTC- Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric hiring database talent.ptc.com


                    - SolidWorks Resources:

SolidWorks Student Edition Software

SolidWorks Educational Recourses

SolidWorks 1 Min. Tip

SolidWorks User Groups

Tutorial Videos + GoEngineer YouTube Videos

A good external SolidWorks Blog

SolidWorks certifications :

  • CSWPCertified SolidWorks Professional
  • CSWA Certified SolidWorks Associate



                   - Other Resources:  

The Best Technology Schools

Stanford University: Center for Professional Development

San Jose State - Packaging Degree

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