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Meeting Notes - Nov. 10, 2009


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We reviewed the efforts by the CEAG sub committees.

Transportation Subcommittee
  • Keith discussed the status of implementing bus Eco-Pass for De Anza students. Despite its attraction by students, he said the VTA was reluctant to subsidize a “relatively small number of potential riders.” Perhaps a student “green fee” could cover part of the costs? He will continue to study this initiative and perhaps pursue a district wide proposal to VTA that would include other community colleges. He will meet with Letha to discuss this further.
  • Anaruth is the POC for this subcommittee. Meetings are scheduled for:
  • Wednesdays 1:30 -2:30PM in RSS.
Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention subcommittee:
  • Alicia said they still plan a traffic survey to determine the optimum number and placement of trash and recycling bins. There is a measurement of waste diversion performed by a private contractor. We need to discover how this process works.
  • Alicia told the group that they still plan to meet with Joe Cooke, Donna and Patrick to discuss this effort.
  • Alicia is the POC for this group.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Nov 24th from 1-2PM in KC.
Communications subcommittee

Julie could not attend the meeting but forwarded ideas/updates to Kristin to share.
We should plan at least two sustainability events per quarter through the
subcommittees and map those out all the way through this academic year and
into next fall so that we can hit the fall quarter running. We should decide if we want to participate in Campus Sustainability Day next October.

So far the 350.org and food event should count for the two for fall. Julie
still needs to get the final 350.org video link from Keith in order to promote from front page.

Food Event: Need a confirmed time/details so that this can be promoted via Web.
Ideas for events: Recycling event, Transportation/Eco Pass Survey and Commute
Alternatives  Challenge

Transportation Fair, Bike Safety Workshop, Something else around
food. Maybe another SMP workshop with Erin Cooke and open to the
community. At that time we can map out and announce our summer session
2010-2011 planning meeting.

Consider hosting monthly or quarterly green bag discussions. Find a
timely book/article to read and discuss. (Maybe the new Clean Energy
Common Sense Call to Action by Frances Beinecke

Promote sustainability at all levels of communication for new students
2010-2011 (Counseling 100, catalog, schedule) Come up with a survey
for new and graduating students to see awareness/change in attitude.

We need to follow up on implementing a minimum requirement for general education on the topic of sustainability.

Julie is the POC for this subcommittee. Next meeting is TBD.

Food and Organic Gardening subcommittee

Keith discussed the planning for the Food event scheduled for Dec 1 from 2:30 to 6:30PM.

  • Full Circle Farms plans to have a presentation
  • Vegelution plans a table
  • Whole Foods is still considering catering
  • 2:30 -4PM a Farmers Demo with fresh produce
  • 4 – 6:30PM screening of “Food Inc.”
  • Encourage professors to announce the event encourage their students to attend.

Kristin is the POC for this subcommittee. Next Meeting is TBD.

Actions Items


  • At our next meeting discuss having a Sustainable Living festival next Spring.
  • Kristin? Explore a general education requirement on Sustainability

Still open:

  • Julie/Kristin to meet with Donna and Joe to discuss Joe’s responsibilities.
  • Kristin, Donovan, Anaruth and Keith meet with Brian Murphy and discuss how to achieve our signed sustainability commitments, such as the President’s Climate Change Commitment.

Next CEAG meeting is scheduled for Wed. Nov. 25th from 9-10Am in KC

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