College Environmental Advisory Group

Meeting Notes - November 25, 2009

At least 15 people attended the meeting. Julie has the attendance list.

  • Joe Cooke began by describing a new release of the STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) software. http://www.aashe.org/stars/index.php. De Anza has been a pilot site in the development of this system. We are being offered a discounted license for the new software. By opting in to the program we will be registered and graded in this national system. The license would cost $650.


  • Keith Hubbard, Kristin, Joe Cooke, Brian Murphy to meet and discuss a plan to obtain funding.
  • Joe Cooke agreed to invite Frank and Manny to the CEAG meetings.
Communications subcommittee
  • Julie plans to compile a list of upcoming events for the campus.
  • Julie suggested we have a theme for each calendar year, such as food or climate change.
  • We discussed the possibility of holding another event similar to “Focus on The Nation. De Anza instructor Cynthia Kaufman attended the meeting as a guest and suggested instead that we could focus on encouraging Silicon Valley companies to quit the Chamber of Commerce, as Apple did, to protest the Chambers opposition to mitigating global warming.
  • Julie suggested that the communications subcommittee meet for a half hour after each CEAG meeting.
Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention subcommittee:
  • Joe Cooke reported that up to 60% of campus waste is being diverted from landfills. His goal is 70%. Bins have been set up to segregate the different types of recyclable waste that are then collected by Los Altos Garbage Company. More is actually being diverted than can be measured. Recyclable cans and bottles are often removed from trash receptacles by private individuals.
  • We briefly discussed the dust and noise caused by leaf blowers. Joe stated that this still was the most efficient was to deal with leaves and debris. He said the operators are instructed to perform this work only early in the morning and stop, or aim the blowers up in the air, when pedestrians walk by.
Food and Organic Gardening subcommittee
  • The Food event is now scheduled for Dec 1 from 3:00 to 7:00PM.
  • We explored the idea of having one or more vegetables gardens on campus. Joe Cooke said he had already identified locations for two gardens. One would be near the Child Development Center. The other possibility is adjacent to the Kirsch Center, pending a waiver from the LEED foundation. Joe mentioned that he developed community gardens during his previuos employment at a college in Oregon. The task remains to identify the labor force.
  • Kristin is the POC for this subcommittee. Next Meeting is TBD.
Actions from prior meetings still open:
  • Julie/Kristin to meet with Donna and Joe to discuss Joe’s responsibilities.
  • Kristin, Donovan, Anaruth and Keith meet with Brian Murphy and discuss how to achieve our signed sustainability commitments, such as the President’s Climate Change Commitment.

Next CEAG meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12th from 3:30 – 4:30PM in KC.

College Environmental Advisory Group
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