College Environmental Advisory Group

Meeting Notes - Oct. 13, 2009

  • Kristin Jensen Sullivan
  • Julie Ceballosh
  • Ralph Riddle
  • Keith Hubbard
  • Alicia Detoro
  • Matthew Walker
  • Nico Peck
  • Bonnett Saussol
  • Anaruth Hernandez
  • Barb Dahlke
Meeting Minutes

Reviewed and discussed the idea of subcommittees proposed at the Sept. 9th meeting. We agreed to continue using the STARS database, if possible, to build on previous data collection

We agreed to form the following four subcommittees, with representatives from faculty, Admin. (Frank), staff and students:

  1. Waste Prevention and Recycling

    Actions: Assess and characterize on-campus logistical waste flow. (Study material hauled, diversion rate, etc.) Review existing data from STARS and other sources. Meet with presentatives from the waste hauler. Tour the waste processing facility. (My note: Cupertino’s waste is sent to the Zanker Road Landfill where some is recycled and some turned into compost.)

    : Alicia would like to work with Karl as the faculty advisor. Anaruth would also like to participate on the subcommittee.

  2. Organic Gardening/Food Services

    Actions: We agreed to meet on Monday, Oct. 26, from 1:30 PM to 2:30PM, in KC214.

    Representatives: Kristin, Ralph, Chako, Mayra

  3. Communications

    Actions: Work with other committees to map out communication plan for the academic year, develop a spreadsheet system for tracking CEAG member participation

    Representatives: Julie and Keith as co-chairs, Kristin, Samera.

  4. Transportation and Energy Use

    Actions: Commute Alternative and Bike to Work Challenge. EcoPass

    Representatives: Anaruth, Julie, Barb

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