College Environmental Advisory Group

Meeting Notes - Oct. 28, 2009

At our previous meeting, on October 13, we agreed to form four subcommittees. We reviewed and discussed the scope, management and results for these subcommittees, and how CEAG’s mission and the SMP can be promoted through them. To help illustrate how CEAG interacts, and is involved, with other organizations and people at De Anza, Kristen created a diagram:

CEAG intereacts with:
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Administration
  • Community at large
  • Our four new subcommittees
  • DASB
  • Joe Cooke – De Anza’s grounds maintenance manager who has 8 hrs/week dedicated to sustainability issues
Our main issue seems to be:

Given a scarcity of resources on campus, how can CEAG coordinate, communicate and document SMP implementation? We agreed that at a minimum, the De Anza administration (senior staff) needs to be informed and supportive of CEAG efforts. This should reach all the way up to Brian Murphy. Joe Cooke’s supervisor should be contacted and Joe should attend our CEAG meetings to clarify his roles and responsibilities.

We reviewed the minutes from the four sub-committee meetings:
Food and Organic Gardening subcommittee
  • Several students and faculty planning the upcoming Food education event, scheduled for Dec. 1st, 2:30 to 6:30 PM, described the plans for this event.
  • The group met with Jamie Contreras several times to plan the event.
  • A mini Farmers Market is planned for the Sunken Garden area. Local farmers will be invited to display their produce and provide information to attendees.
  • They plan to show the documentary “Food Inc.” in one of our conference rooms
  • They plan to create an ongoing resource to keep the idea of healthy food alive on campus, perhaps employing the “cork board” near the Council Chambers.
  • Whole Foods market has been invited to cater the event and provide information
  • We explored ideas of how to include and document CEAG and the SMP in this event. We need to target faculty and Patrick G., the food services manager.
  • This subcommittee plans to meet again on Dec. 9th in KC. Time TBD
  • Kristin is the point of contact


Waste Minimization and Recycling subcommittee
  • Anaruth reported on their first meeting:
  • They propose improving and expanding the accessibility of waste recycling containers. They propose a “traffic” survey to decide the optimum placement of extra containers. A goal was proposed to virtually eliminate waste. The group plans to meet and discuss this with Joe, Cooke, Donna and Patrick G.
  • This subcommittee plans to meet again every Tuesday at 2:30 PM in KC.
  • Alicia Detoro is the point of contact


Transportation and Energy use subcommittee
  • Parking will continue to be a challenge at De Anza. So this group will encourage and promote the use of alternatives such as “eco-pass.” Perhaps De Anza can capitalize on Robert Cormia’s traffic studies at Foothill and adapt them to De Anza’s needs. Keith needs to speak with Letha and Julie more about “Eco-pass.”
  • This subcommittee plans to meet again every Wednesday at 1PM. Venue?
  • Anaruth is the point of contact.


Communications subcommittee
  • Julie explained they haven’t had a formal meeting yet. She discussed how communicating was a part of all the subcommittees. We often don’t know what is happening on our own campus.
  • Julie is planning changes for the CEAG website to update and clarify the information.
  • She proposed a more automated method of tracking attendance than we have been using. Ralph agreed to transcribe meeting minutes and forward them to Julie.
  • Julie is the point of contact
  • Julie/Kristin meet with Donna and Joe to discuss Joe’s responsibilities.
  • Kristin, Donovan, Anaruth and Keith meet with Brian Murphy and discuss how to achieve our signed sustainability commitments, such as the President’s Climate Change Commitment.
  • Keith discuss “eco-pass” with Letha and Julie.
  • Ralph transcribe meeting minutes and forward them to Julie for posting on the CAEG web site.
  • Kristin/Julie prepare the agendas for upcoming meetings

College Environmental Advisory Group
Contact: Julie Ceballos
Phone: 408.864.5359

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