College Environmental Advisory Group

Final Meeting Notes - April 28, 2010

In Attendance:

Kristin Jensen Sullivan    sullivankristin@fhda.edu    
Ralph Riddle            rwriddle@comcast.net    
Alicia Detoro            aliciakdetoro@gmail.com    
Joe Cooke            cookejoe@fhda.edu
Bonnett Saussol        saussolbonnett@fhda.edu
Manny DaSilva        dasivamanny@fhda.edu
Markus Brocktann        markusbrocktann@yahoo.com
Barb Dahlke            dahlkebarbara@deanza.edu    
Julie Ceballos            ceballosjulie@fhda.edu

The focus of this meeting was to discuss how to, finally, move CEAG to a new level of responsibility in the administrative structure of the college.

We discussed the necessity of revising our meeting by-laws to implement more formality of meeting rules and reporting. We explored adopting “Roberts Rules of Order”, for example. There was agreement about needing to have more structure, but not necessarily the extent of “Roberts Rules.”

We agreed there definitely needs to be more representation from the various campus organizations and administration.

Transportation Subcommittee
Barb discussed renewing the effort to pursue working with VTA to implement Eco Passes for De Anza students. Julie and Joe reported that Donna Jones-Dulin supports this effort.

Communications subcommittee
Julie provided a handout to help guide us in the effort to raise CEAG’s status in the hierarchy.

We passed out copies, and discussed the purpose for the CEAG leaflet that Bonnett created. We agreed that these are our “guiding principles” but not a prescription for implementing them. That is the purpose of the SMP, and we will record our efforts using STARS.

Ralph has agreed to record and publish minutes when he attends the meetings. Minutes will be reviewed and approved at the following meeting.

At the next CEAG meeting, we plan to further discuss meeting rules, and discuss a plan to engage other representatives from other affected campus organizations and administrative groups.

College Environmental Advisory Group
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