College Environmental Advisory Group

Meeting Notes - February 24, 2010

Educational Master Plan
  1. Being updated at the college level. There is one at the district level as well. Bob Stockwell teaches politics and is on the committee of the educational action plan. Need to put in a sustainability blurb into this plan. Julie did a first draft. Pat, Kristin and Julie made some changes. Need to get it off to Bob today. Undergoing editing.
Donna Jones-Dulin and STARS
  1. Operations piece were under control
  2. Need to hit the educational piece harder within STARS
  3. Unclear as to how much is in the facilities action plan – STARS provides updates
  4. Need to bring this to a planning, administration and engagement side  
  5. STARS meets every Wed – 9-10am
  6. ACTION: Every CEAG meeting will have an update from Joe Cooke and his meetings with Donna
  7. Donna would like help from CEAG on her actions non climate change
  8. How much are we including sustainability into future job descriptions? How can we get that done?
  9. Sustainability and losing jobs go hand in hand and it is hard to get that message across.  Need to be delicate
  10. Need to communicate what we want from the DEAN, faculty and staff
  11. STARS will help drive the framework , strategy and timeline to moving forward with SMP
  12. Need student involvement soon to take ownership of STARS
Elevating CEAG to shared governance level
  1. Julie and Kristin met with President Brian Murphy
  2. Need to be clear as to where we put ourselves in the structure
  3. Need to figure out what needs to be done and how to elevate it
  4. Need to do a proposal
  5. Classified Senate, Academic Senate, DASB, College Council
  6. There are other  Campus advisor group, facilities advisory group, instructional budget and finance, student services, diversity advisory council
  7. Keeping CEAG  Advisory
  8. ACTION for PJ and Julie: Look at the structure of the college and see where we fit in best
Recruitment and Communication Plan
  1. STARS communications
  2. New chancellor – Linda Thor
  3. Need to get in front of the district at some point
  4. All Deans meeting – March 11th
  5. Faculty and Teaching learning conference – Mid April
  6. Earth Week
  7. Sustainability discussion club or group
  8. One of the items on the STARS list is sustainability educator program
  9. Outreach program – students talking to students (include sustainability)
  10. Discussion around communication – how to get people engaged and involved
  • MARCH - Event on March 9th:  Global Warming Solutions – Transforming Business from Brown to Green
    • Many corporations have a strong moral and ethic and have quit the chamber , invite companies like Apple and others to set them up.
    • Global Warming Solutions (formerly focus the nation)
    • Many colleges nation wide participate in this event
    • Ed Quevedo’s law group is trying to get businesses to becoming sustainable – used to working with the chamber of commerce and will send someone to speak
    • CEAG will sponsor the event
  • APRIL - Earth Week
    • Earth day is April 22nd
    • Need to set the week and come up with events for the week
    • Need to plan for those events now
    • Keith Hubbard – main contact for Earth Week


College Environmental Advisory Group
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Phone: 408.864.5359

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