College Environmental Advisory Group

Meeting Notes - January 27, 2010

Attendance: Julie, Ralph Joe C., Kristin, Valerie, Anaruth

  1. De Anza has registered for the new AASHE STARS sustainability reporting program. We have one year to submit our assessment.
  2. We started the meeting today discussing the STARS webinar kickoff on Jan. 19 which was viewed by the STARS core team Julie, Kristin, and Joe.
  3. Julie recommended that everyone take the time to view this meeting: http://stars.aashe.org/pages/stars-webinars/4315/?root_category=news-events
  4. The next Webinar on STARS is scheduled for Feb. 16 at 11AM.
  5. Kristin recommended that De Anza support sending Joe Cooke and one student to a STARS conference to be held in Denver on 10/10/10.
  6. Kristin also suggested that we figure out how to make Sustainability FUN, so more people will embrace it. The idea stems from a book recommended by Ed Quevedo, our former Sustainability consultant, titled “Believing Cassandra.”
  7. Joe Cooke explained that he is meeting with Donna Jones-Dulin twice each month to discuss Sustainability. Donna is very supportive of our SMP.
  8. Julie discussed communication efforts and proposed a schedule of meetings to promote STARS:
    • Mondays – senior staff
    • Feb. 11 – All deans meeting
    • Mondays 2:30 – 4:30 – Academic Senate
    • Thurs. 2;30 – 4:00 – Classified Senate
    • Wed. 3:30 – 4:30 – DASB
    • TBD – SMP/STARS All campus invited workshops/green bag meetings
  9. As part of upcoming Earth Week in April, Kristin recommended that De Anza invite more corporations to emulate Apple and PG&E who have resigned from the US Chamber of Commerce to protest its opposition to controlling global warming.
  10. We agreed to form another subcommittee to address reporting to STARS. Everyone present agreed to participate in this effort. Action: Julie to set up a meeting.
  11. The last part of the meeting was spent discussing Kristin’s idea of raising CEAG to the level of shared governance. CEAG would have representatives on the various governance groups and likewise they would have representatives at CEAG meetings.
  12. We agreed to change our name from College Environmental Advisory Group to College Environmental Action Group.
  13. Kristin, et. al. will meet with Brian Murphy on Feb 8, time TBD, to discuss this new role for CEAG, the presidents Climate Action Plan and other topics.
  14. Action: Julie will prepare a presentation for Brian Murphy illustrating our recommended how our new involvement in governance fits into the De Anza organization.
  15. More periodic meetings were suggested by Kristin:
  • Sustainability Steering Committee
  • Direct reporting to senior staff
  • Periodic meetings with Brian Murphy

College Environmental Advisory Group
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Phone: 408.864.5359

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