College Environmental Advisory Group

Draft Meeting Notes - May 11, 2010

  1. Alicia Detoro is the new CEAG chairperson, replacing Kristin.
  2. We discussed revising the meaning of CEAG from “College Environmental Advisory Group” to mean “College Environmental Action Group.” We agreed to discuss this further at the next meeting.
  3. Linda Yee, an environmental studies student, was introduced as a new member of CEAG.
  4. We discussed how to communicate STARS meeting times, for example by using “meeting maker.”(I don’t recall what we decided.) Julie suggested scheduling every Wednesday on weeks without CAEG meetings through the end of the quarter.
  5. Alicia agreed to invite Erin Cooke, the environmental coordinator for Cupertino, to our CEAG meetings.
  6. Joe Cooke discussed utilizing a technology to create “hanging gardens” for growing vegetables. This idea was proposed by Keith. The idea to create regular “community garden” is still on hold due to budget constraints. Ralph has contacted the Santa Clara county master Gardeners to help supervise this project. Joe agreed to consider the scope of effort that could be performed by Master Gardeners.
  7. Manny described his effort in collecting data on De Anza’s accomplishments in improving air and water quality, solar energy, recycling and green purchasing for the “President’s Climate Action plan to be submitted on Friday, May 14th. This information will also be used for our STARS database.
  8. Julie agreed to map out a calendar of environmental events on campus for the next year.
  9. Ralph and Alicia will be unable to attend the next CEAG meeting.

College Environmental Advisory Group
Contact: Julie Ceballos
Phone: 408.864.5359

Last Updated: 5/25/10