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Meeting Notes - May 26, 2010

  1. Introductions: We had excellent student participation at this meeting. (The list of attendees will follow in an amendment to these minutes.)
  2. WISE 37 asked if any CEAG faculty or staff member would be willing to serve as advisor since Alicia could not longer do it. Duties of the advisor include signing paperwork, presence at elections. The normal meeting time is Wed 12:30 p.m. in the Kirsch.  Diana Martinez will check with Julie Phillips about the expectations and requirements for attending the WISE 37 meetings, as she though there was a need to be there any time a vote took place on any issue.
  3. Ze Kenny Li, new DASB president, explained that the DASB elections did not include VPs and that these positions would be decided in the next couple weeks. However, he said there was a lot of interest from the senators to actively support sustainability initiatives, including transportation. DASB  has allocated $10,000 for work on a bus pass program and transportation survey project, with a scheduled Thursday 2:30 p.m. meeting to work on this. Julie Ceballos agreed to attend the meeting.
  4. Bonnett Saussol reported that Counseling 100 materials for 2010-2011 includes a section on Sustainability. She will bring copies to next meeting. Julie Ceballos suggested that we should now start to work with Rob Mieso’s Outreach team to get more students involved (Include sustainability as part of the Outreach campus tours for new students)
  5. Event planning for 2010-2011: Julie Ceballos provided a list of national/regional events that De Anza could tag onto for promoting sustainability through events or Web communication. She asked for everyone to review and provide other suggestions. See list below.
  6. Kenny Li said DASB wants to create yearly events so that next year’s DASB can advertise the events and get even more people to come out. Bonnett Saussol recommended that CEAG and DASB work closely together on the event planning as to not duplicate efforts.
  7. Manny da Silva reported that De Anza President Brian Murphy had  signed on to the President’s Climate Change Commitment and that he is responsible (da Silva) for reporting back to the organization. Green House gases report, Garbage gets sorted, recycling, composting fro campus center, In the custodial stuff 90% of the chemicals are environmentally friendly and the recyclable toilet paper is actually ‘green seal certified’ which means that the process through which the toilet paper is recycled is actually green. Manny said he ad to change direction on the reporting. Each area is supposed to be 300 words or less, it just needs proofing to check some numbers. Details on the new building. Sprinklers tying in to the weather station.
  8. Commute Alternative Project Updates: Julie Ceballos reported that VTA rep said it would create quarterly stickers, and would honor it only for full time students. We need to understand why VTA is only willing to honor the program to full time students. One quarter you can be part time and the next full time. Julie asked who would want to attend a meeting with VTA. People who would like to make the VTA meeting include Diana, Krista.
  9. We need to understand who uses transit now. Where are these students coming from. We discussed other ways to manage carpooling. My portal, pick up strangers to carpool at designated areas. Zimride Is a possibility but there is a cost involved.
  10. We want to reignite the Transportation Committee for 2010-2011.


Event/Program Ideas:

Big Events

  • Land Use and Endangered Species (ES Wildlife Corridor Project)
  • Santa Clara County VTA CCC Transportation Summit
  • Solar Celebration

Quarterly Events

  • Cupertino’s Environmental Day, Promoting Recycling & Reuse  -Nov.  National Recycle Day no longer exists
    Saturday, January 23 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. - Check with Al Guevara and Erin Cook -
    Can De Anza students and employees tag onto this if they are present their IDs?
  • Work with faculty to track the pick up trash projects.
Monthly Events



September 15-October 15
Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Oct. 20, 2010 Campus Sustainability Day
    The eighth Campus Sustainability Day will be celebrated on hundreds of college and university campuses. . Join this online community to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest about Campus Sustainability Day 8. The theme for CSD8 is "Is Your Campus Sustainable? How Do You Know?http://www.campussustainability.info





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