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Based on the reputation De Anza College's CIS students, many potential employers ask for a student with certain skills. 

If you wish for an opportunity for a Paid or Unpaid position in the field of technology you are invited to post your resume here. The details:

1. For the protection of our students give only your first name and email address as means of contacting you. Resumes with your last name and/or phone number and/or home address will NOT be posted.

2. Email your resume to Mary Pape at State in the email what column or columns to post the link to your resume in. That is what are your areas or area of expertise. Also let me know if you will only except paid positions.

3. Resumes will remain posted for one year or until you request it to be deleted.


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Building: F5
Contact: Mary Pape
Office: F51i
Phone: 408.864.8877


Last Updated: 9/16/13