Institute of Community and Civic Engagement

The Institute for Community and Civic Engagement (ICCE) is now the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action (VIDA)

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                             I.C.C.E. Internship


The ICCE Internship program is designed to offer training, mentorship, and a stipend for De Anza students who have taken extraordinary leadership in projects that promote community college access and success.

The Institute of Community and Civic Engagement is offering paid internships in the following categories.These come with a $3000 stipend for the year and involve 10 hours of work per week.


The deadline for this year's internship was September 15

  • TRANSITION: Transit advocacy

  • HEFAS (Higher Education for AB540 undocumented students): Supporting and Advocating for undocumented students
  • M.Y.E (Mentors for Youth Empowerment): Mentoring High school students with social change projects
  • Y.V.U.C: Organizing our conference Youth Voices United for Change (Fall only $1000)
  • Working on Public Policy to advocate for Community College Access
  • The Black Leadership Collective: Advocating for the interests of African-American students at De Anza

Also earn a Certificate in Leadership and Social Change

Several of last year's interns also completed the 18-unit Certificate of Achievement in Leadership and Social Change. Learn about the certificate program.

Past student intern projects have included:

  • Educating De Anza students around issues of higher education funding
  • Mobilizing De Anza students for statewide actions around funding for higher education
  • Networking with students statewide to advocate for funding for higher education
  • Advocating for the needs of undocumented students in a number of ways, including setting up a resource center at De Anza, working with others statewide and nationally to advocate for better access to financial aid, and going to high schools to let undocumented students know that college is an option
  • Lobbying against the student success task force‚Äôs recommendations
  • Organizing to get free bus passes for all De Anza students
  • Getting a parcel tax for Foothill De Anza Community College district
  • Working with LGBTQ high school students to let them know that De Anza has a welcoming atmosphere
  • Presenting community college as a viable and sometimes advantageous educational pathway and challenging some of community colleges' negative impressions



Institute of Community and Civic Engagement

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