Lesson 2: Academic Probation

Student Learning Outcome:

1) Students will learn about Academic Probation and how to improve their GPA?

You can access your unofficial transcript through MyPortal!

The best way to improve your GPA is to repeat any courses in which you earned a substandard grades such as "D" or "F" as soon as possible. When you repeat the class, you replace the first grade with the second grade.

A letter grade includes A, B, C, D, F with plus (+) and minus (-). There is no grade of C- at De Anza. These grades are used to calculate your GPA.

Important! There are new regulations that limit the number of times you may repeat a course. Please see new regulations for Repeating a Course before enrolling in or dropping a class.

Students need to take their classes seriously because there is a limited number of times where students can retake a class with "D" or "F". Currently, courses may be taken up to 3 times before students will NO longer be allowed to register for that course at De Anza and Foothill. Once the course is repeated, the original grade is EXCLUDED (E) from the GPA and the more recent grade is INCLUDED (I) in the GPA. However, all grades received DO appear on the transcript. Your GPA can be found at the bottom of your transcript in your portal.

Print a copy of your unofficial transcript.


1) Look at your unofficial transcript and circle any "F's" and "D's". 

2) On your Worksheet, write down the courses you plan to repeat.


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