Lesson 3: Progress Probation

Student Learning Outcome:
1) Students will learn about progress probation and how to avoid progress probation.


Non-Letter Grading (P/NP) and Other Important Information
  • Students have to complete at least 50% of total units to avoid progress probation. These are non-letter grades such as  W (withdrawal), NP (no pass), I (incomplete).
  • "W"
  • Pass/No Pass Option: This option allows you to change a graded (A,B,C, etc.) class to a "Pass" or a "No Pass". You can find the deadline to request P/NP on the De Anza Academic Calendar. Complete the appropriate P/NP selection in MyPortal by the deadline which is the 4th Friday of each quarter excluding summer. P/NP do not affect your GPA.
  •  Once you have chosen this option you cannot change back to a graded class. If you earned an "A", "B", or "C" in the class, your transcript will still read "P" next to the course. If you earned a "D" or "F" your transcript will read "NP". Certain classes will always be taken for a letter grade such as courses for your major and certain GE classes such as math, English, or ESL, Critical Thinking, and SPCH 1 or 10 courses. (You are always welcome to see a counselor for clarification)
  • Dropping Classes: There are three different deadlines for dropping classes; each one effects your academic record differently. You will find these deadlines at the De Anza homepage, "Academic Calendar" link or click on and click on DATES & DEADLINES by TERM for the current quarter.
  • "I" is a non-letter grade that must be requested through the instructor due to unforeseeable, emergency and justifiable reasons at the end of the quarter. The instructor and student file a contract with A&R indicating clearly the conditions under which the "I" can be removed.
  • Important! There are new regulations that limit the number of times you may repeat a course. Please see new regulations for Repeating a Course before enrolling in or dropping a class.

  1. Last day to drop a class for a refund is the 2nd Saturday of the quarter class except summer.
  2. Last day to drop a class with no record of grade is the 2nd Saturday of the quarter excluding summer. If you are going to drop a class, this is the best date because there is no record of your being enrolled in the class on your transcript. The drop must be done either online through MyPortal at your student tab, or in person at the Admissions & Records office.
  3. Last day to drop with a "W" is the Friday of the 8th week of the quarter, excluding Summer. A notation of "W" will be recorded on your transcript. This notation does not effect your grade point average because it is not an A,B,C,D, or F. Only grades effect your GPA. However, if 50% or more of the units you have been enrolled in at De Anza are W's, NP's, or I's, you will be on progress probation. Students who have not withdrawn by this date will receive the appropriate grade for their achievement in the course.


1) On your worksheet, write down the number of "W"'s, "NP"s, and "I"s you have.

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