Lesson 5: Workshops and Life Skills Classes

Student Learning Outcome:

1) Students will learn about workshops & classes that will assist them in choosing a major/career.

2) Students will learn about classes that will help them

Many students have difficulty in college because they are undecided about their major or career focus. Are you unsure about a major and/or career to pursue?

The Counseling Division offers workshops and classes that will help students with major/career decision-making process. 

If you would like to take a class that will help with your decision-making process, consider:

CLP 70 -- Self-Assessment (4 units). This course will guide you in deciding about a career and major. You will take self-assessment inventories to help identify individual interests, values, skills and personality types as they relate to career/college major options. Fulfills Area E on the CSU GE pattern.

CLP 75 -- College Majors & Career Options (2 units). This course is mainly focusing on self-assessment inventories.

  • These in-depth courses will contribute to your success as you will learn information that you can readily apply to your personal situation:
    • Huma 20 -- Life Skills for Higher Education (4 units). Designed to assess and apply academic study methods in order to achieve subject matter mastery. Includes application of reading, writing, note taking and test-taking methods to develop and improve personal strategies
    • Huma 50 -- Understanding and Managing Stress (4 units). The study of stress as the interaction between the individual and the environment viewed from psychological, sociological, and physiological perspectives including gender, multicultural and global concerns.
    • Physical Education classes, physical fitness, and sports: physical activity can be a great stress-reliever and add some balance to your academic program. P.E. classes also transfer to U.C. and CSU colleges and are required for a De Anza A.A. degree.
    • Skills classes -- low unit, TBA, individualized classes that focus on improving basic reading, writing, and math skills.
  • If you have not already completed it, take Counseling 200 -- Orientation to College (.5 units). This course provides an orientation to college programs and services, location of college resources and facilities, explanation of college policies and procedures.

The Student Services A-Z programs and services guide is a comprehensive listing of all services available to students at De Anza College.


1) Which classes or workshops described in this Lesson would be useful for you to consider? Write them down on your worksheet with contact information.

This is the final action item you need to complete for the Student Success Seminar Worksheet. Please complete & submit worksheet.


CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have completed all 5 lessons you are ready to complete your Action Form for Success at De Anza College. By completing this Seminar you will be able to take action toward achieving your academic and personal goals at De Anza College. We are here to support and encourage you at the De Anza College Counseling and Advising Center. Walk-in to see a counselor or academic advisor in the Registration & Student Services Building, check the Counseling Center Web page for day and evening hours.


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