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DARE Taskforce Mission Statement


Developmental Education at De Anza College equitably allows
students of every background to take ownership of their education and to succeed in their educational goals by providing the necessary integrated resources, services, and learning environment.


DARE Taskforce Charge



Meeting on a semi-weekly basis, the Taskforce develops a campuswide plan to streamline and structure the flow of students from the point of entry, through student support and academic courses, to their final objectives. Future objectives are identified by the Taskforce itself, by grant objectives (including Title III and BSI) and through ongoing planning retreats.


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DARE Core Values


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Student Information


Student Success Center


De Anza offers a comprehensive student success program to help you make the most of your efforts here.


Holiday Ritual at DARE Meeting Dec 3 2014


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Registration is now open for 2015 Strengthening Student Success Conference, Oct 7-9, Oakland.


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Next DARE General Meeting: 

Wednesday, 10/21/15

Adm 109 - 3:00 - 4:30pm


Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)

Jennifer Myhre              DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator


Rowena Tomaneng        DARE Co-Chair                AVP of Instruction


Deepa Yuvaraj               Program Coordinator      DARE - BSI            



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