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   Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)

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DARE supports the promise of the Institutional Core Competencies by providing pre-college math, writing, ESL and English students with engaging interventions and supportive learning environments that help them become better learners, gain confidence and achieve academic success.  Please visit the Student Success Center for more information about these learning communities.

DARE Funding for Student Success Center

DARE has facilitated funding for the Student Success Center to build a collaborative community of peer support for thousands of students with pre-college level needs at De Anza College.  This support has fostered an increase in student success and retention rates across campus.

The SSC has engaged students with basic skills needs in supportive, energetic, interactive activities:

  • skill-building workshops
  • quarter-long individualized tutoring sessions
  • content-specific workshops
  • online tutoring sessions
  • in-class interventions
  • drop-in tutorial sessions

DARE support has provided training and employment for many students to connect with peers. An increasing number of students utilizing the academic support services are eager to “give back” to their campus community and have joined our support team, becoming role models for students in pre-college level course.


Developmental & Readiness Education (DARE)

Gregory Anderson
DARE Co-Chair            Dean, Learning Resources


Karen Chow                DARE Co-Chair                BSI Faculty Coordinator 408.864.5763

Rowena Tomaneng         Title III Director                 AVP of Instruction 408.864.8510


Last Updated: 6/17/13