De Anza Associated Student Body

De Anza Associated Student Body

Meeting Time: Mondays, 3:30 PM
Meeting Place: Student Council Chambers A

A Message from the Chair of Finance

Hello everyone! This is the Chair of Finance. The finance committee is working hard to ensure that this year is going to be one of the best and most productive yet. As a team, we are working on making sure that the programs that we fund are ones that will benefit De Anza students the most.

If you have any ideas that can help us improve our college, come to a meeting and tell us! We are always open to new ideas and voices, and would love to work with you.

What does the Finance Committee do?

The goal of the Finance Committee is to establish policies and procedures for budget development, budget approval and expending of all money under the control of the DASB. Instead of getting too technical, the following are the main duties of this committee:

  • To process all the Budget Requests that come throughout the year from programs that DASB funds, and make appropriate suggestions to the Senate.
  • To make sure that the program the DASB funds, follows the Stipulations (Rules and Regulations) set by the Budget and Finance committee
  • To keep track of all DASB funds and accounts, and act in accordance with the Budget and Finance Codes
  • Budget Deliberation: Allocate funds for the programs for the coming year. This is a two-day process, in which the Budget and Finance committee will be deciding how much of the budget to allocate to each program
What is the purpose of the ‘PROJECTS’ within Finance?

The DASB collects a million dollar revenue per year. This revenue comes predominantly through the flea market, and the DASB Cards, to name a few. So the Finance committee aim to propose projects that can increase our million dollar budget further. With all that said, these are a few of the proposed projects for this year! 

DASB Chair of Finance and Committee Members

Contact Number:

The DASB Finance Committee consists of the following voting members:

  • DASB Chair of Finance
  • DASB President
  • At least three (3) other DASB Senators, but no more than five (5) other DASB Senators.
    • During Budget Deliberations the maximum shall be raised to seven (7) other DASB Senators to allow for additional input into DASB Budget preparation:

and the following ex-officio members:

  • Advisor - John Cognetta
  • Advisor - Lisa Kirk

Online Agendas and Minutes


Meeting Agenda: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.

Meeting Minutes: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.

DASB Finance Code

DASB Budget information available at

Building: Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level
Email: DASBFinance

Phone: 408.864.8695

Last Updated: 1/12/16