Nancy Evans
Part-Time Faculty Instruct


Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

12449KNES 11A61Cardio Kick
12450KNES 19G61Core Conditioning
12133KNES 22A2Hatha Yoga
12170KNES 22A61Hatha Yoga
12169KNES 22C61Power Yoga
12134KNES 22D1Flow Yoga
12451KNES 26A61Basic Pilates Mat Exercise
12452KNES 26B61Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise

Spring 2018

45380KNES 11AX61Cardio Kick
45232KNES 15CX2Total Fitness
45233KNES 15EX1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
45381KNES 16AX61Fit Camp
45376KNES 22AX61Hatha Yoga
45377KNES 22CX61Power Yoga
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