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Distance Learning and Catalyst Advisory Committee

The Distance Learning and Catalyst Advisory Committee is a committee composed of faculty members who have taught distance learning courses, Distance Learning staff, and tech support professionals. The purpose and tasks of the committee are to provide guidance and feedback for policies and practices developed and implemented in the services provided by the Catalyst system and Distance Learning Center.

Faculty Membership of the Committee (full and partial year)
2010-11 2011-12  
Anthony Delaney Anthony Delaney  
Michele Fritz Michele Fritz  
Marshall Hattori Marshall Hattori  
Scott Heffner Shagun Kaur  
Cheryl Owiesny Don Uy-Barreta  

The following classified staff members have served as regular members:
April Qian
David Garrido
Kevin Metcalf
Larry Ching
Marty Kahn

The committee meets one to three times per quarter for approximately 1-1.5 hours.


Meetings for 2010-2011:

October 6, 2010    Agenda and notes
November 3, 2010    Agenda
December 1, 2010    Agenda
February 3, 2011    Agenda
February 24, 2011    Agenda
March 24, 2011    Agenda
May 26, 2011    Agenda

Meetings for 2011-2012:

November 10, 2011    Agenda
February 1, 2012    Agenda
March 14, 2012  Agenda and notes



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